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Eat clean. Train mean. Live lean {nutrition}.




About Lean Nutrition

I began doing customized meal plan programs for clients back in 2015 and while I still do plenty of meal planning, Lean Nutrition encompasses a lot more fitness also now. As a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Fitness Trainer, I'm thrilled to be here to help you on this often-confusing journey to health. I've been blessed to coach a variety of clients ages 18-78, with a couple of kiddos in the mix also alongside their parents.

Weight {lots of it!} has been lost, A1C numbers have decreased, medications have been terminated {via doctor's orders--not mine!}, energy has been elevated, skin conditions have improved, and overall confidence has been boosted. The journey to health does NOT have to be difficult and the rewards are worth the journey. So let's get to traveling.



Melissa Ruffin



Who are you on the proverbial journey with? You're with a gal who's loved peanut butter more than almost anything for most of my life--Spoonfuls of it. Most days you can find me running a few miles down the highway or knocking out a quick HIIT workout/lifting session from the comfort of my living room. With

1 marathon, 27 half marathons, and countless other races & awards under my belt, I know a thing or two about running. It's not all PB and workouts though. I serve in my church as our tech-girl {they were low on options} and am married to the preacher's son...Cue the song :) The only boy who could ever reach me, was the son of preacher man...

The Fam



The preacher's son (Ben) and I have

2 kids (Noah & Kinley), and my family is definitely my passion and priority. That's probably why I love to see the work I do benefit other families--even when only one family member is working with me, there is always that positive trickle down effect. And that blesses my heart to

no end! Oh yes. I'm southern. Bless your heart too :)

A few tidbits:

~ Arkansas born and raised

~ Never ate a salad or voluntarily ate a veggie until I was in my late 20s

~ Natural blonde...Never colored or highlighted my hair

~ Enneagram 2w3 👋🏼 so know I'm working hard to help you!



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My jams are Facebook and Instagram so I hope to see you there!

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